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As of 2017, New York City boasts an impressive population of nearly 9 million. That is the largest of any US city. Due to these sheer numbers, security is paramount to New Yorkers when deciding on a new residence or place of work. Fortress Global Technologies is a leading provider of access control system New York and understands the importance of a fail-safe and user-friendly access control network. We offer a variety of options from keyless entry to coded access based systems to ensure that no matter your needs, we have the perfect solution. 


The Stats

New York City has been described as the greatest city in the world. We fully believe this is true at Fortress Global! Unfortunately, in any city of this size and scope, there are some ugly realities that are bound to rear their heads from time to time. Let’s break down some statistics about the Big Apple and the advantages of access control systems in New York.  

The NYPD does a great job of releasing monthly crime reports. We will be taking a look at the January 2020 report. There are two general takeaways, one good and one bad. Murder and hate crimes decreased by -20.7% and -24% respectively when compared to the same timeframe in 2019. However, burglary, assault, and grand larceny all saw increases. Burglary and assault, in New York City, in particular, are often crimes of opportunity.  This means that the criminal did not plan on committing a crime, but saw an opening and took it. 

A major factor in criminals deciding if they will commit this type of offense is ease. This is where an Access Control system comes into play. If an offender realizes that there are roadblocks that make their potential crime more complex, they are likely to give up altogether. As these criminals did not premeditate and have no emotional motivation, they are much easier to deter. However, even if they do decide to proceed, a Fortress Global access control system New York is often enough to thwart their attempts. To increase the security of your home or business further, you can also combine access control with Fortress Global surveillance measures such as CCTV cameras and intercoms.  


About Fortress Global Technologies

Fortress Global Technologies has been serving New York City, and the world at large, for over 20 years from our central office located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. We understand the security needs of New York residents better than anyone else because we are New Yorkers ourselves. We have provided security solutions of all types to properties big and small. Ranging from single-family homes to apartment buildings, all the way up to large corporations and government offices, Fortress Global has the expertise to create a custom system to perfectly address your needs. We only work with leading-edge technology in the industry. Our entire staff from sales representatives to technicians are highly trained to follow industry protocol to a tee. This ensures that you will get the absolute most out of your Fortress products, which are guaranteed to last for years to come. 

To speak with one of our security experts, call us at 877-233-5683 or submit an online inquiry today! 



Access Control System New York

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