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Advantages Of Commercial Access Control Systems in NYC

Considering commercial access control systems in NYC is an important step to enhancing the safety and security of your business. Successful businesses of all sizes and in multiple industries recognize that security is a major responsibility.

An access control system installed in your business is not only an effective security solution but also highly convenient and surprisingly affordable. These systems can be fully customized and designed around the needs of your business. 

In the simplest terms, an access control system electronically controls access to sensitive areas from storage rooms to personal offices. This can be done using a variety of innovative technologies including biometrics and keyless entry.

The following article will detail some of these advantages of access control systems in commercial applications. If you have any more questions or would like to learn more about access control installation in NYC, be sure to contact Fortress Global Technologies

Commercial Access Control Systems Are Fully Customizable

Every commercial property has different security needs, vulnerabilities, and threats that they must consider. Fortunately, commercial access control systems offer consumers customizable options.

The entire system can be designed with the needs of a particular commercial property in mind. A prime example of the customizable nature of these systems is a biometric access control system. 

In a biometric access control system, employees are given access to particular locations using biometric verification. A fingerprint, face image, and more can be used as a kind of key that grants access to different areas of the business.

An employee that has access to one area may be restricted from another all depending on what the needs of the commercial property are. There are other useful features and entry options to consider as well.

Using Keyless Entry

Everyone has lost their keys at some point. Traditional keys can also be stolen and fall into the wrong hands. Commercial access control systems are able to verify that only specific individuals are granted access to certain areas.

Access can be easily controlled and managed far better than using locks and keys. In the event that an access card is lost, it can quickly be deactivated. The access cards can also be easily reprogrammed. 

Access Codes For Employees

Although using access codes may initially seem like an effective security method, they have their own disadvantages. Everyone knows how easy it is to forget an access code let alone multiple. These control systems can be hacked and manipulated.

Using keyless commercial access control systems ensures that the system is not hacked or that employees must bring additional equipment. Employees will not have to worry about memorizing codes either. 

Using Tailor Mode

Tailor mode is another powerful feature that can ensure that areas are only accessed by authorized personnel. Every area can be tailored to recognize only employees with access to them.

If someone who is not authorized attempts to enter a restricted area, then they are simply denied access. This not only simplifies controlling access to different areas of a commercial business but is also reliable and effective. 


Commercial Access Control Systems NYC

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