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Functions of Business Access Control NYC

Interested in the different functions of business access control in NYC? Access control, in general, is the ability to permit or deny entry in specified areas or functions in a business.

Access control systems can be used in broad applications that include main entryways and exits as well as more specific functions, such as controlling access to data or documents. One of the most common types of access control in business settings is a card entry system.

Access Control Cards

Using a personalized access control card, the user can gain entry into whatever area has controlled restrictions. Access control cards can be optimized in a variety of ways in order to identify and verify user permissions. 

The access cards use different techniques for identification. Bar codes, smart cards, proximity cards, mag stripes, and similar technologies are all popular choices commonly implemented by businesses for access control in NYC.

As the user approaches the entry point, the access control system itself digitally reads the information on the access card before sending it to the main controller. If the information on the card matches the information stored on the computer holding the main access control list, the user is permitted access to the restricted area.

On top of that, the access control system keeps a detailed log of all attempted entries, successful or not. For businesses, this information log can be especially useful to keep track of users throughout the facility in order to identify who was provided access in restricted areas during a specified timeframe.

Custom Electronic Access Control Systems in NYC

Most electronic access systems utilize computers to provide increased security superior to traditional lock and key systems. Since the applications for access control in NYC can range from anything as simple as building management to gate entry, parking garage exits, perimeter security, and more, access control systems are highly customizable.

The requirements, size, and range of these systems are best managed and designed by an experienced NYC security company who provides expert access control services. These security experts are best suited for managing the various needs unique to each particular environment. 

This is especially true with the ever-changing advanced technologies utilized in high-grade business security solutions. The access control installation company can help to recommend the best type of access control system (entry cards, proximity fobs, PIN, biometric, etc.) to ensure your business security needs are successfully achieved.

If you’re interested in solutions for business access control in NYC, don’t settle for anything less than excellence. Contact Fortress Global Technologies to speak with our security experts about designing and integrating the perfect access control and surveillance camera installation solution to meet your particular security goals.


Access Control NYC

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