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Go Keyless With A New York Access Control System

Adopting an access control system in New York can add security and convenience. An access control system allows users to control who is allowed to enter the premises through different means. 

The most traditional access control system is the lock and key. As most people know, this has its own limitations. Keys can be lost or stolen, leaving a property vulnerable. 

Fortunately, advancements in technology give property owners a number of new options. The most popular access control option is a keyless system. This option is practical, secure, and convenient. 

Below are some of the details concerning keyless access control systems. If you are interested in adopting these systems for your business, please contact Fortress Global Technologies

Advantages Of Keyless Access Control


One of the key features of going keyless with an access control system is the programmability. Individual access can be programmed separately, giving each employee access. 

This can be done while maintaining the overall security of the property. Individuals are given access only to specific areas or functions. This keeps businesses secure and unwanted individuals out. 

No Keys To Lose

As the name suggests, going keyless with an access control system in New York prevents keys from falling into the wrong hands. Keys cannot be lost and employees with access are programmed separately. 

Access can easily be deactivated or changed. If tags or key cards are lost, they will not compromise the property’s security. 

More Efficient Than Access Codes

Access codes can be used to replace keys. Unfortunately, they can be easily forgotten. Access control systems with tags or cards do not have the same limitation. 

Additionally, tags and access cards cannot be “memorized” the same way that access codes can. This creates a dangerous situation that can compromise the security of your business. 

With access control systems, people are given an individually programmed tag. The tag or key card can be easily changed or deactivated as necessary. 


Individual areas within a business can be restricted in addition to protecting the property as a whole. Access control systems are highly versatile and permission can be granted and withdrawn instantaneously. 

This customization allows businesses to improve their efficiency. Rekeying of locks becomes unnecessary and there is no risk of compromising security. 

Quality New York Access Control System Installation

If you are interested in adopting a New York access control system for your business please contact Fortress Global Technologies. Our experts can improve the convenience, safety, and security of your business. 


New York Access Control System

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