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Fortress Global is based in the greatest city on Earth, New York City. We have provided NYC access control and security systems for both residential and large scale commercial operations. With our own offices located in Midtown and residences spread across the tri-state area, we understand the unique considerations that NYC proprietors and inhabitants must take into account. 

Maybe more than anywhere else in the world, access control (AC) is heavily integrated into the everyday life of most New Yorkers. But not all access control is created equal. Even among the best, there are endless options to choose from with different features and purposes. Having the best AC system for your needs is crucial to best serve your customers or residents, so turn to the NYC security experts at Fortress Global. 


NYC Businesses

The daily operations of the average NYC business are quite hectic. Between employees, delivery personnel, locals, and tourists even a small operation can have dozens of visitors a day. Keeping track of who is entering and exiting your business has many benefits. 



First, it is a great way to organize payroll. You can record exactly when your employees are arriving and leaving and can pay them accordingly. This also alleviates them from having to remember to clock in or out, which is a small but helpful benefit. And should you, unfortunately, need to confront an employee about lateness or extended breaks, you will have proof and avoid a he-said-she-said style debate.



For some NYC businesses, having a constant crop of new customers exploring the space is crucial for optimal sales. However, in some cases, it is best to restrict the flow of traffic. For places like medical and law offices, banks, and high-end boutiques, keeping window shoppers or confused tourists at bay will save time and create a calmer environment for established clients. NYC Access Control systems are also one of the best measures you can take against grab-and-dash thievery. 



You can also keep track of deliveries, which is uniquely important for NYC companies. Due to the absence of most big box stores and the inconvenience of travel, New York Businesses often rely on deliveries to get the goods that keep them operational. With 1.5 million packages a day being toted around the Big Apple, mistakes are bound to happen. Having documented proof that you have or have not received your package will save you time and worry. Verification that the error was not on your part will also make it easier to receive assistance from whichever company you ordered from.


The most straightforward benefit of an AC system is that it leaves who is allowed entry to your discretion. Fortress Global offers a variety of access control options capable of managing anywhere from one to hundreds of points of entry. Over the past 20 years, we have used our expertise and superb customer service to expand nationally. Nevertheless, we remain committed to providing our New York neighbors with top of the line and customized surveillance and access control options. Contact us today with any questions or to begin planning your perfect security solution from Fortress Global!



NYC Access Control

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