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NYC Residential Access Control

For landlords, ensuring the safety of their residents is of paramount importance. Restricting entry to a building has always been one of the first steps taken to do so. That task can become particularly complicated in large cities like NYC. Dozens or even hundreds of residents can call a building home. To boot, there are also often domestic workers, delivery personnel, building employees, and guests to worry about. Residential access control is becoming an increasingly popular security measure to ensure the safety of those who live or work in multi-unit buildings. 


What Is Access Control

Access Control (AC) systems can be customized to be extremely complex. But at its core, AC technology has a quite simple purpose. It serves to grant or deny an individual access to a particular location. A system does this by monitoring an entrance/entrances, screening those requesting entry using an access credential, and logging who is allowed in or barred. A credential is either a physical object or piece of information a person has which will communicate with the control board to allow entry. Common credentials include key fobs, cars, and passcodes. 


NYC Residences

Due to the prevalence of renting in New York, most residential spaces are also a business for someone. Whether you are a management company supervising a litany of buildings or an independent landlord with only one property, there are benefits to installing an AC system. Many renters in the city want to prioritize safety, but do not have the budget to live in a doorman building. An Access Control system can work as a great alternative and make your building more attractive to potential residents. Also, with options like FOB and passcode entry, the need to carry as few keys as possible is a draw in-and-of-itself. 


Even if your building is manned, access control can still work as a wonderful first line of defense. Most apartment buildings in the city have at least two units if not dozens which means that there will be many people coming and going. Because of this, it can be difficult to spot if someone is out of place. An Access Control system can help your doorman focus on your residents, their guests, handymen, and delivery personnel instead of spending their day turning away wanderers or potential criminals. 


AC systems can be scaled up for larger or more customized capabilities. For example, Your building may have a service entrance where deliveries can be brought. This entrance can have different access credentials than the main entrance, allowing workers to get where they need to without having access to your residences amenity areas or homes.  This customization allows even the largest apartment complexes to have a widespread security solution without the astronomical cost of manning each building or entrance.  


Why Choose Fortress Global for NYC Access Control

Fortress Global understands that security is not just a business. We value that the safety of the people who depend on you is in our hands. We are not only professionals but New Yorkers ourselves with a passion for security technology. Connect with us on Facebook or Contact us today to see how a personalized residential access control system can advance your business.

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