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Fortress Global Technologies offers many different styles of commercial intercom systems. They can either be wired or wireless. Commercial intercom systems are generally more industrial in appearance because they are built to withstand the rigors and environmental pressures where they find themselves located.

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    The main benefit to having a wireless system is that they significantly simplify the installation process in existing buildings.

    Wireless system also have the added versatility of mobility if you require it. The range for these commercial wireless systems can be several miles and can be extended by adding an external antenna. The commercial wired intercom units are generally used with access gates and for monitoring doors where you have the ability to run wires.

    We also have voice only intercom systems that permit end users to clearly communicate with 2 way voice from separate locations within a variety of structures.

    Communication from room to room within houses, businesses, offices, schools and other locations can be accomplished by using our voice only intercom systems. Voice only intercoms greatly increase the efficiency by permitting instant communication from one area to another. We also offer hands free options when pressing the button is inconvenient.

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    In addition to providing superior security installation services we offer unparalleled support for the life of your products.


    Fortress Global Technologies has decades of telecom experience and can handle any of your phone system requirements. Perhaps you might want your own customer owned system or lease with the option to purchase. Multi-line business phone systems are the most common with a variety of selections for setup. Traditional analog, SIP Trunk, PRI, IP PBX, Hosted PBX / IP Centrex. Fortress Global will also help you with servicing your existing phone system and or help you make the transition to a more modern system.

    Some of the advanced functions that are offered with IP based and traditional systems can include multi line calling, call waiting, caller ID, detailed call reporting, enhanced voice mail, menu and time of day day based call routing, conference bridging, fax to email.


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