Access Control System Installation
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Access Control System Installation For NYC Businesses

Businesses large and small have increasingly considered access control system installation to improve their security and safety. Access control systems allow and authorize employees to travel inside and outside the various parts of the business while keeping unwanted individuals out.

Access control systems can be as small and simple as a keypad to protect a single door or a large network of systems that cover multiple buildings. The increasing popularity of access control systems can be attributed to many factors.

The most common reason why businesses choose access control installation is that they provide an effective and convenient way to keep employees, customers, and clients safe. Continue reading to learn more about access control systems and what to consider. 

If you are interested in discussing access control systems NYC businesses can rely on, please contact Fortress Global Technologies today. 

Access Control Systems – What To Consider

Before investing in access control systems, it is important to determine any number of factors to ensure your business gets the most out of the system. Some of these considerations include what purpose will the access control system fulfills, how secure the system must be, and if there any other additional systems that must be connected to the access control system.

There are also numerous features that you can choose from. Features that you may want to consider include: time tracking for payroll, motion detectors, swipe cards, keypads, thumb printing, and much more.

The size of the system is also an important factor to determine before investing in access control system installation. Determining the system’s size can be done by identifying the number of doors your business needs to secure. 

It is important to remember that not every door will need to be controlled by the access control system. If only one door needs to be secured then a simple keypad system will be the best option.

In the event that you may need additional doors secured, the system can be expanded in the future with some foresight. For example, if you start with one or two doors, it will be difficult to expand the system, unlike four and eight door systems. 

Professional Access Control System Installation

Choosing the right company to perform access control system installation for your business is also essential to the system’s success. A reputable NYC security company can offer suggestions while providing a quality access control installation.

They can also teach you how to use the system’s software and more depending on how complex the system will be. If you are interested in improving the safety and security of your business with access control systems, please contact Fortress Global Technologies or call 877-233-5683 today. 


Access Control System Installation

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