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An access control system company in New York helps to provide a high level of security for business owners. Access control systems keep restricted areas secure from intruders and give access only to authorized personnel. 

An access control system can also keep track of the employee entry times. The purpose of business access control systems in NYC is to protect and secure the people, information, and assets of a commercial facility.

The following article will explore different types of access control systems available. To get a free installation quote form an access control system company in New York City, contact Fortress Global Technologies for assistance.

Types of Access Control Systems

An access control system is highly useful in properties with multiple entry points. Entrances and exits through secure doors are controlled through the access control system by using various forms of security devices. 

The most common is the control panel, which features numerical buttons, sensors, and/or a touch screen connected to the lock and release system of the door. A specific pin code, registered electronic key, or biometric data is then entered by approved visitors and validated by the access control system.

Another device utilized by the access control system is the card reader, which can be a swipe card or magstripe reader or something similar. The employee is given an encoded object, such as an entry or access card, that he or she will use to gain entry through the door’s locking system. 

Access control systems can also be designed to work with proximity readers and long-range readers. These types of readers have sensors that can detect an encoded object without the need for swiping. 

Proximity readers detect the object, such as an electronic fob, at a short distance of about 100 mm while long-range readers can sense an encoded object from further away, sometimes a few feet. These types of access control systems are generally preferred because the require minimal hassle and no contact to work.

The smartcard reader enables the access control system to process additional information for other company services. These include recording things like employee time-in and out data. This type of access control system can also be interfaced with a company’s payroll system, parking system, and various other services.

Lastly, biometric access control systems feature a biometric fingerprint reader or use unique characteristics, like fingerprints and eye retina scans, to identify and enable access to approved personnel in specific areas or rooms. Biometric access control systems, though more expensive, are incredibly accurate and help to avoid issues such as stolen PIN numbers or lost cards.

Access Control System Company in New York City

If you’re interested in installing an access control system for your business, don’t settle for any contractor. Rather, speak with an access control system company in New York City that specializes in integrated security solutions like Fortress Global Technologies.

To learn more or to get a free security assessment, contact us or call 877-233-5683 directly.


Access Control System Company New York

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