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Install Integrated Security Systems in New York City

Businesses can greatly benefit from integrated security systems in New York that can provide convenience, safety, and of course, security. Integrated security systems bring together all the security devices in a business that monitor for theft, fire and include CCTV, intercom, access control, and more.

This approach can save a business money and can streamline all these services. An NYC security camera installation and access control systems can now communicate with each other into an integrated security solution.

Business owners have a wide variety of options available to them, from surveillance of an office to an entire security package for a large corporate campus. Modern innovations and advancements in surveillance and security technologies offer businesses incredible opportunities for integration. 

Continue reading to learn more about integrated security systems for New York businesses. If you would like to discuss integrating your business’s security system or installing access control systems in NYC, please contact Fortress Global Technologies today. 

Business Integrated Security Systems

Integrated security systems have continued to grow in popularity with businesses of all sizes all over the world. The rising popularity of these systems is primarily because they are designed to deliver a system that manages the environment in order to keep assets and people safe.

Some businesses implement integrated security systems when they merge various technologies together. In this case, multiple control rooms are unnecessary and all the previous systems become up-to-date and compatible. 


Integrated security systems in New York offer business owners the chance to save money on security while getting the most value for their investment. An integrated security system can be customized to serve the security needs of your business.

Instead of purchasing and maintaining unecessary equipment and systems, you will receive exactly what you need. It is important to remember that in order to avoid paying for unessential offerings you should have a good idea of the security needs of your business. 

Designing Integrated Security Solutions

When considering what your business needs, it is important to reduce current and future security risks. Every business is different and will have different security risks that require attention. The best way to determine what risks are present in your business is by consulting a professional security firm. 

The security firm will perform a risk assessment of the business. The risk assessment will give you a clear indication of the security threats and risks that are present and may become present in the future. 

Installing Commercial Security Systems in New York

When it comes to protecting the assets and people critical to the success of your business, comprehensive security systems in New York are a must-have investment. By streamlining the various access control and security systems of your business, you will save money, improve security, and maintain peace of mind. 

If you are interested in speaking with a security company in NYC about integrating your business’ security systems, please contact Fortress Global Technologies or call to speak with a security expert. 


New York Security Systems

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