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Using keyless access control in New York is a convenient way to maintain the safety and security of a business or commercial property. Traditional access control systems require a key to operate.

Keys can be inconvenient and can easily be lost. Going keyless can save you and your employees a lot of trouble while maintaining the overall security of the property. 

Continue reading to learn how a keyless access control system can improve safety and security while remaining easy to use. If you have any more questions or would like to schedule an assessment for installing access control systems in NYC, contact Fortress Global Technologies today. 

Program Individual Access Control

A keyless access control system allows you to program individual access for each employee or visitor. Individual programming can extend to controlling access in specific areas.

An employee with access to one area may not have access to others and vice versa. This makes it extremely easy for users to access areas they need to get to without compromising security. 

You can also program access for certain visitors. After a visitor finishes their business at the property, their access can be altered or revoked as needed. Programming access is easy and you will no longer have to make and organize keys for individual employees. 

Keyless Entry Access Control Systems

Keys have always had a habit of becoming lost or, worse, falling into the wrong hands. Employees can be given cards or tags that can easily be programmed or deactivated.

If a card is lost or stolen, you can quickly deactivate it before it can be used by an unauthorized individual. This makes access control in New York a convenient and state-of-the-art way security measure. 

Much Better Than Access Codes

Some access control systems use access codes. Although access codes can be reprogrammed, they have a number of limitations. The most obvious disadvantage is that access codes can be easily forgotten.

Forgetting a single number could leave you locked out of your property. An access control system with cards or tags does not require remembering any complicated codes. Access codes can also be memorized by unauthorized individuals.

A person can find out an access code and easily enter a restricted area. If for whatever reason you must revoke a person’s access, their tag or keycard can be deactivated. This is much easier than having to reprogram keypads and memorize new access codes. 

Protect Employees And Visitors

Commercial properties and businesses must factor the very real threat of a dangerous intruder attempting to enter the property. The access control system can mean the difference between a frightening incident or a tragedy.

New York access control systems can keep dangerous intruders out of the property while local law enforcement can be contacted. If your employees feel safe they will be able to perform their duties without worrying about their safety. 


Access Control New York

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