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Overview Of Commercial Access Control Systems

Commercial access control systems help to secure and control who can go into or out of a specified area, including doors, elevators, and gates. In most situations, security is the primary purpose of choosing access control installation. 

While access control systems are sometimes used for internal tracking and monitoring, even this is in conjunction with some security purposes. On top of that, most modern commercial access control systems are able to be integrated with other security systems, including security camera installation NYC.

Long gone are the days of simple bolt lock doors. Learn more about the advancements of access control systems below. If you’re interested in getting a quote for installing access control systems NYC, contact Fortress Global Technologies for assistance.

What Are Commercial Access Control Systems?

The most basic type of access control would be something like a perimeter fence or a door with a traditional lock and key. Fortunately, as technological advancements have been made, access control systems have become more sophisticated and effective. 

Modern access control systems are generally a computer-based system that uses card readers, radio frequency identification (RFID) chips, or biometric scanners. These systems are the most efficient way to ensure only authorized personnel are given access to restricted areas while restricting access to anyone unauthorized.

Integrating Security Systems For Your Business

Vandalism, theft, assault, and even terrorism are a constant threat to commercial, government, and institutional establishments. Besides the potential losses that could hurt your facility, there are also liability concerns for any employees, customers, or visitors a business may have. 

Something as simple as inadequate security measures can lead to lengthy litigation, further costing you time and money. Not to mention, it’s been well-established that most seasoned criminals will purposefully target locations that have poor security since they present an easier target than well-secured areas.

A commercial access control installation helps to prevent unwelcome individuals from coming into the facility, greatly reduces the risk of vandalism, theft, assault, and other damaging crimes.

Get An Estimate For Access Control Installation NYC

If you’re in need of commercial access control system installation in New York City, be sure to choose an experienced company. Fortress Global Technologies is a security company NYC residents can depend on for reliable access control and security camera system installation.

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to an uncertain world. Protect your assets and visitors with a fully integrated modern security surveillance solution and gain the peace of mind you deserve.

To learn more or to request a free estimate, please call 877-233-5683.


Commercial Access Control

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