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What Are Access Control Solutions NYC?

Implementing access control solutions in NYC for your business can provide safety, security, and convenience. As a business owner, you have a world of things to worry about. The last thing you need is to worry about who is coming and going from your building.

Busy schedules and a large employee roster can make it a challenge to oversee who is allowed into the building. Access control makes administrating who has access to your business and its various areas much easier.

An access control system can use PIN codes, keycards, tags, fobs, or even biometrics to control access to the premises. Not only can it provide peace of mind but it can also improve workflow while remaining easy-to-use and convenient. 

Continue reading to learn more about access control systems and what makes them a great choice for businesses. If you have any more questions or would like to learn how you can install access control systems in NYC for your business, contact Fortress Global Technologies or call 877-233-5683 today to get a free estimate. 

Comparing Access Control Systems to Traditional Lock and Key

Access control is considered much more effective than the traditional lock and key method. With access control solutions in NYC, you have complete control over when and where people can enter the building.

Employees and visitors are assigned fobs, cards, or tags to gain access to areas they are authorized to be in. Each entry device is programmed to make key duplication impossible.

By contrast, losing a key means spending money on a replacement and changing out multiple locks. If a keycard, fob, or tag is lost or stolen, it can quickly be deactivated before it falls into the wrong hands. 

Access control systems also allow you to schedule an employee entry time. This allows you to set when multiple or individual employees have access to the building or even specific areas.

It is virtually impossible to control entry times with a traditional lock and key system. NYC access control solutions compile permanent records of when an individual accesses a door or area. 

The system is even able to alert you whenever an event takes place. This is done in real-time, keeping you constantly alert of what is occurring in the building. Perhaps one of the best features of access control systems is that they can be administered completely from a tablet or smartphone. 

Access Control Solutions Ensures Workplace Safety

In our uncertain world, businesses must take security and safety as seriously as ever before. Implementing an access control system assures visitors and employees that they are safe the entire time they are in the building.

Features, including staff monitoring, can enhance existing security systems. There are also a large number of access control systems available that can be tailor-made for your business.

Whether its single door audio door entry, computer-based systems with biometrics, or an integrated solution, you can fully customize the system based on the security needs of the building. Contact Fortress Global Technologies to learn how access control systems can benefit your business. 


Access Control Solutions NYC

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