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Why You Should Consider New York Access Control Systems

Property managers and building owners have increasingly implemented access control systems in New York to provide security and convenience. Safety and security are a major concern in building management. The presence of exterior and interior doors, restricted or sensitive areas, and heavy traffic can all create security vulnerabilities. 

Access control systems have continued to remain popular because they can solve many of the security issues raised with building management while reducing entry by unauthorized individuals. This makes access control systems an important investment in the security of large buildings, campuses, and other commercial properties. 

The following article will highlight some of the different benefits access control systems offer businesses. Additionally, it will examine how they can help you enhance the security of your building while saving you money. If you have any more questions or would like a quote for installing access control systems in NYC, please contact Fortress Global Technologies today. 

What Are Access Control Systems?

In the past, access control systems and security methods were complicated and involved expensive electronic networks. Implementing these electronic networks was traditionally very difficult to do. New advancements in the security industry have made modern access control systems extremely easy to use and highly flexible. 

New York access control systems can be tailored to fit a variety of building environments. Regardless of the building size, occupancy types, and budget, there is an access control system for your security needs. Access control systems are able to offer much more than entry control into restricted or sensitive areas. 

All entries and exits can be recorded and logged. By providing records of entries and exits, building management professionals are able to determine traffic and identify the individual that uses a door at any given time. This simplifies the process of identifying who was in the building when an incident occurred. 

There are a variety of access control methods available to building managers. The best method will depend primarily on your needs. 

Keyless Entry Swipe Cards

Swipe cards are keycards that contain magnetic strips that contain information about the cardholder. A card reader will scan the stripe and grant or deny access based on the information on the card.

The cards are relatively inexpensive and each user can be given different unique ID cards for entrance and exit tracking. If one of the keycards is lost or stolen, it can be quickly deactivated. 

Keypad Systems

In keypad based access control system, users are assigned a code that grants them access to the building or a specific room. Electronic keypads are designed to be tamper-proof and can be reprogrammed if the code has been compromised.

It is important to remember that keypad systems can create their own difficulties when it comes to memorizing access codes. 

Proximity Card Reader Access Control

A proxy card reader system is similar to the entry swipe system with the exception that the user’s information is stored in a microchip. These “smart cards” tend to be more convenient than their entry swipe system counterparts. They are also much more durable and less prone to damage. 


New York Access Control Systems

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