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Why You Should Work With An Access Control System Company in New York City

An access control system company in New York City can help strengthen security for businesses of all kinds. Access control systems, in general, make it so restricted areas are secure from those unallowed into unauthorized places. 

An access control system installation also makes it able for businesses to keep control of employee entry times. Altogether, the whole purpose of investing in a business access control company in New York City is to keep both people and information safer.

Below we will take a further look into some of the different types of access control systems available. If you’re already prepared to speak with an access control system company in New York City about scheduling an installation estimate, please contact Fortress Global Technologies for help.

Various Types of Access Control Systems

An access control system can be very useful, especially in establishments with multiple entrances. Entrances and exits are always the most trafficked area in a building, which is why it’s important to monitor and secure doors through some form of a controlled system.

The most common type of access control system uses a control panel, which has things like numerical buttons, sensors, and/or a touch screen connected that needs something input to gain access.

This could be a specific pin code, registered electronic key fob, or even biometric information, depending on the complexity of the system. Once used, the system will then give access or entry to whichever approved people are validated by the system’s database.

Another commonly used device often found in an access control system is what is known as a card reader The card can be a swipe card or magstripe reader, which most people are familiar with. An employee is assigned an encoded object, such as an entry fob or access card, that will provide entry into the property.

Access control systems can also be designed to work with proximity readers and long-range readers. These types of readers have sensors that can detect an encoded object without the need for swiping. 

Proximity readers are able to detect an encoded device, like an electronic fob, from a short distance, though long-range readers that can detect an encoded object from further away also exist. This type of access control system is often preferred due to relatively low maintenance and ease-of-use.

The smartcard reader is able to enable the access control system to process and protect additional information, as well. Some of these might include things like recordings of employee data, such as when they entered and left the premises. This type of system is also commonly connected with a company’s payroll system, parking system, and similar areas of interest.

Lastly, biometric access control systems feature a biometric fingerprint scanner or that uses personal characteristics, like fingerprints and eye retina scans, to identify users and enable access only to approved personnel. These are more commonly found used in areas that require a higher level of security. However, though biometric access control systems might be more costly, they are incredibly accurate and can help with avoiding issues such as stolen PIN numbers or lost cards.

Access Control System Company in New York City

If you’re looking to install a new access control system for your business, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Instead, speak with an access control system company in New York City that specializes in integrated security solutions like Fortress Global Technologies.

To learn more or to get a free security assessment, contact us or call 877-233-5683 directly.


Access Control System Company in New York City

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